July 19, 2005

And now . . . this - Jul. 19/05

Toronto City Hall: full of used pa nang, again

The perennial socialist municipal government in Toronto, which never met a form of political correctness it doesn't like, has done it again.

Toronto native Natalie Glebova won the Miss Universe contest in Bangkok a few weeks ago, and has since become a goodwill ambassador of sorts for Thailand. So it's not surprising that the organizers of the annual Tastes of Thailand festival wanted to invite Ms. Glebova as the star attraction this weekend.

No way, said City Hall. The rules for Nathan Phillips Square ban "[a]ctivities which degrade men or women through sexual stereotyping, or exploit the bodies of men, women, boys or girls solely for the purpose of attracting attention," so no beauty queens allowed. She can be "an individual of note contributing to our community," but not Miss Universe.

Read Mike Strobel's commentary in today's Toronto Sun.

This is the same city where, in 1991, mayor June Rowlands banned the Barenaked Ladies from playing in Nathan Phillips on New Year's Eve, because their name was deemed offensive. (Of course, the media attention only caused their career to skyrocket.) The next year, she banned the Salvation Army for "discriminatory policies" (since, as a Christian organization, they have an official position that homosexuality is immoral). Banning decent folks for stupid reasons is a Toronto tradition. Why stop now?

Business as usual in Miami-Dade, Floriduh

It was a rather unusual moment in Miami-Dade County bond court Friday morning when a woman waiting to approach the judge bared all.

Nicole Babb stripped off her clothes, raised her hands in the air and then got down on all fours as those in court looked on. . . .

Babb's bond was set at $5,000. She is accused of identity theft.

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That is not, I'll admit, the first charge I would think of laying.