March 23, 2005

Local passages of note

Talk about being gone and forgotten. This was just reported in the paper yesterday:

ONE OF OTTAWA's most infamous child predators is dead. Owen Dulmage died in January at St. Vincent's Hospital. He was 83. . . .

For it all, Dulmage got just one year in jail. But upon his release in November 1999, the one-time predator became the prey. He was pursued by the media and warning notices with his photograph were taped to his front yard tree. His home was vandalized.

There was no outpouring of grief for Dulmage at Kelly's Funeral Home in January. In fact, there was no funeral service to mark his passing. The lifelong bachelor was cremated. The final resting place for his remains is not known.

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As it happens, I lived at the other end of the street from Dulmage for about three years, though I never encountered him.

Meanwhile, a little closer to downtown, there was a four-alarm fire last night at a pizzeria a block away from my church. The street was closed for most of today while they did cleanup, but it was clear by the time I went to church this evening for choir practice. The building is now a pile of rubble, and it looks like the restaurant next door suffered some pretty heavy damage too. Fortunately no one was hurt, but apparently 14 people lived in the apartments above the pizzeria.