December 10, 2004

One last rant (for now)

In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada overturned the existing laws banning abortion on demand in the Criminal Code, on constitutional grounds. It was then the responsibility of the government to draft replacement legislation. The then-Progressive Conservative government made one attempt to do this, in 1990, but the bill was defeated in the Senate. In 1993, the Tories were defeated in a general election and the Liberals came to power. More than 11 years later, due to Liberal inaction, Canada still has zero laws concerning abortion; it remains legal and unrestricted such that a woman may have an abortion at any time during her pregnancy, for any reason.

Now in 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada has again returned the ball to Parliament's court. While they declined to answer whether limiting marriage to "the lawful union between one man and one woman" was unconstitutional, yesterday's decision did affirm that the government had the right to change the definition. And the Liberals can't do it fast enough; legislation to that effect will be introduced in January when Parliament returns from the Christmas break and given top priority.

The irony of the situation is palpable. 11 years of inaction by the government on the abortion issue has resulted in the mass murder of multiple thousands of unborn human persons (for such they are, notwithstanding the ex cathedra pronunciation of the law to the contrary). Today, the Liberals are falling all over themselves to appease the 2% of the population who wants an official blessing to continue behaving the same way they were going to anyway. Sodomy has been legal in Canada since 1969 when Pierre Trudeau famously quipped that the governent has no place in the bedrooms of the nation; the lack of legal same-sex "marriage" has not stopped consenting adults from sleeping together, as long as they both shall live, or otherwise.

Truly a skewed sense of priority. Peace, order and good government? Like hell.