January 18, 2004

Mommy's Funny Medicine

Recently published by two local authors: Mommy's Funny Medicine, a children's book about medical marijuana, of all things.

The book features artwork that looks like something that got rejected by the makers of Yellow Submarine and dispenses such wisdom as:

Sometimes Mommy laughs when she has her medicine. Mommy says the medicine makes the pain better, and makes her want to eat more. Boy, does Mommy ever eat!

And sometimes Mommy says things like "Whoah . . . dude!" or giggles for no readily apparent reason.

Is there any other medical treatment whose most vocal advocates are users (and wannabe users), or which requires a book to justify itself to children? Why do I get the feeling that "medical marijuana" activism is just the "legalize pot" activism of yesteryear, with a "scientific" angle to give it the appearance of legitimacy?

On the other hand, the Roald Dahl storybook George's Marvelous Medicine is cruelly hilarious, and a must-read for children of all ages . . .