January 20, 2012

And now . . . this - Jan. 20/12

So it's come to this

Students in Utah may have voted to urge on their sports teams with the battle cry "Go Cougars!"

But the school district has overruled the popular choice because it claims it would be insensitive to women. . . .

While cougars—the large mountain cats—are prevalent in Utah, the principal Mary Bailey worried people would also be reminded of the popular culture use of the word to describe sexually aggressive middle-aged women who attract younger men.

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Good grief. Political correctness has gotten to the point where we're actually worried we'll offend 40-year-old Twimoms and Beliebers.

Despite the humour of the situation, the story does have its less-obvious darker side:

Ballots were sent out to 4,300 kindergarten through eighth grade students in Draper communities that will feed into the school. Two hundred seventy-three wanted Cougars, 180 wanted Diamondback, 171 wanted Falcons and 141 wanted Raptors. . . .

While student input was taken into consideration and appreciated, she added that it was always the board's intent to make the final decision.

The moral of the story? Voting makes no difference. Hope these kids don't take that to heart 10-15 years down the road.