January 01, 2011

My blogging New Year's resolutions for 2011

I'll give myself this credit: I am generally faithful in posting my annual "State of the Blog" on New Year's Day. Even if I'm generally unfaithful in carrying out my intentions.

This I do at least to remind myself and you Faithful Readers that I'm not dead, I'm not suffering a double amputation of my arms that prevents me from typing, and I haven't forgotten about either this blog or the dozens of others that I try to follow regularly.

In fact I haven't been as idle as it might appear. In addition to this blog, I started two new ones in an effort to stratify some of my pet subjects:

  • The Perpetual Newbie: Personal rants and raves about Linux and other tech I happen to use to try and get things done.
  • KJV-Only Fallacies: This is a new version of a site that used to be hosted on Geocities before it was folded, and I'm gradually reintroducing those essays along with some new material.

And of course Sacra Eloquia, my Bible study blog, is not moribund, all evidence to the contrary. I plan on finally finishing my study of Galatians by spring and then soon moving on to something else, this time in the Old Testament.

I've got a few minor layout changes planned for the Crusty Curmudgeon in the next little while that should keep a little more up-to-date on what I'm writing, and where.

I've complained before about losing interest in regular reading, but this year my recreational reading has finally improved after several slack years in which my free time was taken up with movies and podcasts rather than books. What I read does have a tendency to inform and inspire many of my other activities, so I take this as an encouraging sign for my personal productivity in 2011.

So here are my blogging resolutions for 2011:

  • Up my blogging rate considerably. Instead of once monthly (maybe), I intend to post at least something twice per week to this blog, at least once per week to the Perpetual Newbie and the KJV-Only Fallacies blog, and to complete two biblical books at Sacra Eloquia and have a third well under way by year's end.
  • On this blog, post something of theological value, as well as substance, at least once every two weeks.
  • Also on this blog, post something specifically pro-life at least once a month.
  • Link to more stuff other bloggers are writing. (This obviously means, read more stuff other bloggers are writng. Yay!) Revive my old "Friday in the Wild" series. Try to comment on someone else's blog daily.
  • Commit to my old goal of one recreational book per calendar week - Sunday to Saturday, starting tomorrow - and post a review of all of them, even if just a 250-word "lightning" review like I wanted to do last year (but, naturally, didn't).
  • Blog my way through at least one important theological or philosophical work this year (and maybe one of each in coming years? Let's see how the first one goes).
  • Do the usual, nominally annual revamp for September 4.
  • Whenever I catch myself thinking, "Gee, that would make a great blog post" or "Say, I really ought to be blogging more," actually do something about it instead of just feeling guilty.

Is this doable? Course it's doable, if I want to. And I intend to. And for those 20-odd people who still drop by here daily: Stick around, Faithful Reader. I hope that 2011 is a more productive year, blog-wise.