December 06, 2008

A book meme! By gor, it's been awhile

Over at Rebecca Writes, I've been tagged with the latest meme to do the rounds. Here are the rules, which are admittedly rather odd:

Take ten books, and transcribe the fifth sentence from page fifty six.

In keeping with the 5, 56 thing, Make sure that at least five books are fiction, provide five hints, and pass the meme on to six other bloggers.

(Of course, in keeping with my usual habit, I won't subject anyone to a tag.  I like being a good sport about these memes, particularly if they're book-related, but generally by the time I get involved, the meme's been around the block a few times.)

So here's my list, in no particular order:

  1. While some eagerly talked about rebuilding, there were also intensive discussions among the prisoners about the dismaying fact that so many of them had been arrested, the movement so quickly betrayed.
  2. From the people comes political support or opposition; from the public comes artistic appreciation or commercial patronage.
  3. Then presently it came back and they sent another load, till pretty soon the decks began to thin out and everybody got impatient to be gone.
  4. He wanted men - any man, even Weston and Devine.
  5. The first two pieces I turned in had to do with a basketball game in which an LHS player broke the school scoring record.
  6. On the other side, one sees in the text a clear statement of "double predestination" of individuals to salvation or condemnation and claims that "the history of the exegesis of Rom 9 could be described as the history of attempts to escape this clear observation."
  7. It took him a little over ten minutes to track down everything he needed; at last he had managed to extract his Invisibility Cloak from under the bed, screwed the top back on his jar of Colour-Change ink and forced the lid of his trunk shut on his cauldron.
  8. And if you wished - if it were possible to wish - you could keep it there.
  9. Deissman himself considered all the Pauline Epistles as well as 2 and 3 John to be "real letters."
  10. McCoy couldn't tell if he had just been tricked into complimenting Spock.

And here are my hints (as difficult as it is to limit myself to just five!):

  1. If you know my profession, then you would understand why one of these books is on my bookshelf.
  2. One of my authors is popular especially amongst young Reformed people, but this book in particular was not written for a popular audience.
  3. One of the non-fiction books was written by my favourite fiction author.
  4. Mariposa.
  5. One of the fiction books is a sequel to another.

So there. Have fun! A couple of these are probably dead giveaways, but the rest should have you thumbing through your libraries looking for other hints. I'll post the answers in a day or so.