March 14, 2008

Global warming

Get yer snow here!

Here's what the house looked like after the huge mess of white stuff was shoveled off the roof. We had to dig ourselves a pathway to the door:

And here's what the road looked like. It snowed on Saturday, but the roads didn't get plowed until Wednesday; there was a constant pile of cars in the entrance to our little subdivision because drivers couldn't get their cars in and out of their own driveways. Normally, it shouldn't be a problem for two cars to pass each other:

Ottawa hasn't had this much snowfall since 1971. Somewhere in my parents' musty-dusty files is a picture of me as an infant in a carriage, while my dad shovels the driveway between huge walls of snow. This comes darn close. It's the most snow I can remember in my lifetime, and I come from the north.