May 04, 2007

What arewere they thinking?

The way news travels through the blogosphere, this issue was basically resolved before I had a chance to finish my post. Nonetheless: Someone at Virgin Airlines had decided it might be a good idea to provide the 9/11 crockumentary Loose Change as in-flight entertainment.

Meanwhile, thanks to the threat of a major PR meltdown, it looks like the Virgin people have changed their minds:

We don’t show movies or documentaries that cause mass offence and there is a danger with this movie that viewers, although they have the choice over what to watch and when on our flights, may be offended.

Oh, gee, you think?

It only raises the question: What drunken, incompetent marketroid thought it might be a good idea to offer Loose Change in the first place?

  • Of course, Loose Change is a low-budget, intellectually dishonest fallacy-fest that makes a complete mockery of the very idea of critical thinking. As such it's hardly worthy of being disseminated any further.
  • I thought it was generally airline policy to avoid showing films featuring air disasters. Why would they offer a film about the hijacking and deliberate destruction of four passenger jets? Did Virgin Atlantic learn absolutely nothing when ridership plummeted after 9/11?
  • I wonder how the good people in Virgin's legal department would feel if American or United Airlines showed an infight movie implying they were complicit in mass murder?

I'm glad that the powers that be at Virgin Atlantic have changed their mind about this stupid decision. But they've earned themselves a DIM BULB du jour for having this ridiculous brain cramp to begin with.

(H/T: Screw Loose Change and Hot Air.)