September 28, 2006

So that's what that tower is all about

So I'm listening to Alex Jones this afternoon. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) I missed the exact context of the statements, but he started going on about the Centre Block on Parliament Hill. According to Jones, if you get up close, it looks like "something out of Lord of the Rings, where Sauron lives or something.

Additionally, I learned tha the "main room" of our Neo-Gothic House of Parliament has the proportions 6-6-6, Satanic rituals are held in the building, it has "demons and devils" all over it, and, of course, the ever-spooky "green roof."

Of course, I'm sure this ridiculous tirade about Canada's most prominent landmark has nothing to do with Jones' lengthy detention by Customs this June when he and his megaphone came to Ottawa to protest the Bilderberger meeting.

Here's a current picture of the Building of Evil, courtesy of the Hell - I mean, Hill Cam:

You may notice that the roof isn't so much green as it is brown, and in fact hasn't been green since it was replaced in 1997.

What a loon.