May 08, 2006

Instant karma's gonna get ya

In her unfortunately influential book New Age Bible Versions, G. A. Riplinger apparently exults in the fact that a number of men involved with those modern "New Age" Bibles - Kenneth Taylor, Philip Schaff, Samuel Tregelles, B. F. Westcott, and J. B. Phillips - lost their ability to speak (NABV 446-49).

Having read that, consider this recent bit of news:

The author of a great and marvelous Book [sic] (as well as others on the KJB [sic]) In Awe of Thy Word& Mrs Gail Riplinger [sic] has had two strokes recently her [sic] husband told me tonight that she is doing better but still weak and tired.

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I'm not going to draw any unwarranted conclusions. Draw your own.