June 23, 2004

And now . . . this

Everyone's favourite webhead - well, the only one, really - is about to go Hindu:

SPIDERMAN will put on a sarong and fight the bad guys through the rickshaw-clogged streets of Bombay in an Indian version of the US comic classic, according to reports.

Peter Parker, the American who becomes a superhero thanks to a spider bite, will be replaced by Pavitr Prabhakar who gets his crime-fighting powers from a Hindu holy man.

The article adds - oh, no:

He said that if the comic is successful, the company will consider turning it into a movie. Hollywood scored a massive success in 2002 with its film Spiderman featuring Tobey Maguire slinging across the skyscrapers of New York.

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Please no. Fans of bad movies will no doubt recall that Bollywood attempted to do the same thing some years ago, with Superman. The result was, shall we say, less than mindblowing.