April 25, 2004

Stamp out bad abortion rights rhetoric!

In Washington today, thousands of women (800,000 according to tonights CTV news marched for abortion rights. One of the women quoted in a sound bite extolled the virtues of abortion being "safe and legal."

Swell. I really like my neighbour's TV set. I don't like the fact that attempting to acquire it might get me beat up or shot. Burglary should be made "safe and legal" so I can break into his living room without fear.

Closer to home, in a parallel demonstration, abortion-rights activists presented abortion doctor and activist Henry Morgentaler with a "human rights" award. (Morgentaler is the abortionist who opened the first private abortion clinic in Canada in 1968. Of course, it wasn't legal until 1988, and it was never "safe" for at least one of the people who entered.)

It's ironic that at all the formal abortion debates I have attended, sooner or later it is pointed out to the pro-life advocate (if he is male) that "men can't get pregnant"; therefore, since as a man he lacks the equipment to have babies, he should shut the hell up.

Unless he is telling the pro-aborts what they want to hear, of course. Then he deserves a "human rights" award.