February 22, 2004

And now . . . this

Once again from jolly old England, the capital of bizarre news:

An Oxford engineering student was surprised but undaunted when he was approached to deliver a series of lectures in Beijing on global economics.

Matthew Richardson knew "next to nothing" about the subject but, believing he would be addressing a sixth-form audience, he felt he could "carry it off".

Mr Richardson, 23, borrowed an A-level textbook entitled An Introduction to Global Financial Markets from a library and swotted up on its contents on the flight from London to China.

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Short summary of the rest of the story: He went, and much to his surprise was lecturing over several days to doctoral candidates. Speaking through a translator, he cribbed and ad-libbed his way through an economics textbook that he had torn up and disguised as his notes, until he realized he was running out of material . . . at which point he blew outta Dodge.

I always figured Economics was about 95% BS (that is, Boastful Statements), and this doesn't do anything to refute that notion . . .