March 03, 2013

Who in Xenu's name is FanBox, and why are they annoying me?

Over the last couple of weeks, I've frequently been getting emails from an outfit called "FanBox," claiming to be a "daily earnings statement" of an incrementally large sum from day to day. (It started at about $8.00 and currently stands at about $75.)

This just in: As I was writing this, I received a new "statement" to the tune of $82.21. Huzzah!

As these messages go, I've earned this wallet-bursting packet by "Boosting," i.e. funding other people's ads and getting money when they're clicked on.

Today, however, I received something a little more ominous: a "Courtesy notice" from "FanBox Customer Protection," informing me that:

I noticed that your FanBox account is not protected, despite your sizable earnings of $82.21.

I strongly recommend that you protect your funds by validating your account immediately. [link redacted]

If you need assistance, chat with a community expert.

-Maria Ashford, Customer Protection Team FanBox – Uplifting humanity by enabling opportunity

So, basically, I'm in danger of losing phantom money that I've earned for phantom services on a phantom FanBox account that I never created, but now need to "validate."

Amazingly, someone has to be falling for this stuff, if it's profitable enough for them to persistently send out all this spam. What really annoys me is that at some time I must have accidentally clicked on a link in an email I didn't realize was a spam message—something I'm usually very careful about, since this is exactly the sort of thing I don't want.


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  1. Don't feel bad, I too am very careful. In fact If I were asked to bet I would have bet that I was way more careful than you. Or anyone. but it appears I have even more phantom money than you LOL. over 1400.00

    I was just looking this up to see wtf this is. "Maria Ashford, Customer Protection Team
    FanBox "

    I really wish I could figure out where the profit from this kind of activity is. I mean, it must be easy to get away with and I am tired og battleing with these fools. it's been soooo many years. I imagine all the time some fat cat sitting on a beach somewhere with millions for doing nothing while I slave away on the net selling trinkets to get by on.