November 24, 2011

And now . . . this - Nov. 24/11

An Ottawa-area brewery will no longer deliver beer door-to-door after a complaint from another unnamed brewery, according to its Facebook page.

Steve Beauchesne, who co-owns Beau's All Natural Brewing Co. in Vankleek Hill, south of Ottawa, wrote a blog post Thursday detailing the shutdown. . . .

The original plan included a team effort with Operation Come Home, an agency that runs a resource and program centre for homeless youth, where at-risk youth would deliver the beer for a fee. That money would then go to a shelter.

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Not to malign Beau's, or their good intentions, but somehow it surprises me that no one put the brakes on this scheme because, "Hey, we're giving large quantities of alcohol to homeless kids," before a government agency intervened.