February 14, 2008

Wabbit season!

First, Palestinian Jihad TV for Kids had Farfour the Cheap Rip-Off Mouse. But he died at the hands of evil Jewish landowners:

So he was replaced with Nahoul the Lion-Baiting Bee:

But Nahoul got sick and died, because the dirty Egyptians wouldn't give him health care, so now we have his brother, Assoud the Jew-eating Rabbit:

Of course, Assoud's days are numbered too, because everyone knows Elmer Fudd is a Zionist son of pigs and monkeys.

Two takeaway lessons from this tale of tragedy:

  1. Assoud has a human mother, a mouse cousin, and a bee brother. There is something very, very weird going on in his family.
  2. Furries are the most pathetic people in the universe.

That is all.