November 24, 2006

The Crustier Curmudgeon

Time to come clean. I'm seeing another blog behind the Crusty Curmudgeon's back.

Well, not really. But not long after went online, I registered - partly because, I was thinking, at some point I would probably want to migrate to my own domain and perhaps use WordPress for the blog, so working with it on a regular basis struck me as a good idea. But since Blogger also has the occasional (and not-so-occasional) maintenance difficulties, I was also wanting to create a "backup" blog where I could keep working even when Blogger wasn't.

Hence The Crustier Curmudgeon was born. It's still a bit of a mess, because it was intended mainly as a secondary repository for blog posts, not yet for public consumption. But following (I assume) some sort of software upgrade on the hosting site, it seems that it inadvertently got switched from a private blog to a public one, and posts have started showing up on search engines. Inevitably, this means comments have also started showing up.

So it's time to bring CC2 out of the closet, as it were. If you prefer reading blogs on WordPress to Blogger, I'll be spending some time over the next little while making the interface presentable. I'm only using the default template on WordPress because even if they did allow customization of the templates, I don't know enough PHP yet to make it look anything like this one. I'm also not going to be rewriting posts to customize them for a particular platform (i.e. rewriting styles, links, etc.). So while the Blogger blog still remains the "official" one, as of now I'm actively maintaining (and watching comments on) both.

Pardon the dust.