May 28, 2006

A few search queries

It's been awhile since I searched through my referrer logs to see what searches bring people to the Crusty Curmudgeon. I'm gratified to see that they're no less odd than they used to be:

Also, it turns out that Wikipedia actually has an entry for "crusty" (which kind of strains its credibility as an encyclopedia, but I digress):

Crusty may be used to help describe a type of person, such as in the phrase "crusty old colonel". Typically such a crusty person would have the following attributes, either in part or wholly:

  • inflexible

Yeah, sometimes . . .

  • out-dated

I wouldn't go that far . . .

  • conservative in their opinions

Pretty much . . .

  • a firm believer in the value of institutions important to them personally, such as a village fete organising committee, their gentleman's club

Sort of true, though I can't say I'm crusty enough for a villege fete organizing committee or gentleman's club . . .

In almost all situations crusty people are old and male.

Old? Why, you . . .