March 26, 2006

Case against Abdul Rahman dropped

Now this is a turn of events I was honestly not anticipating:

An Afghan man threatened with execution because he converted from Islam to Christianity is expected to be released from custody at the end of the day, a Western diplomat and Afghan officials close to President Hamid Karzai told CNN Sunday.

But other sources in the Afghan judiciary said the case against Abdul Rahman had been thrown out on technical grounds and sent back to prosecutors to gather more evidence. Those same sources said Rahman may not be released.

On Sunday, The Associated Press quoted an official as saying an Afghan court had dismissed the case against Rahman because of a lack of evidence.

[Emphasis added; Full Story]

A lack of evidence?!

If you were charged with converting to Christianity, would there be enough evidence to convict you? Rahman has affirmed his belief in Jesus Christ, the Christian Gospels, and the Trinity. What more evidence do his accusers need - a signed declaration that there is no god Allah and Mohammed is a camel-humping drunkard?

Not that I'm complaining (and in any case Rahman is not out of the woods yet). But in the past Christ has made blind eyes see; could he now be making seeing eyes blind?