December 06, 2005

KJV-onlyist finally clues in, but proves he's still clueless

I recently noted how Internet KJV-only activist Teno Groppi came to the conclusion opposite to the logical one after a Swedish pastor charged with hate speech argued the case for the traditional Christian opposition to homosexuality using the New International Version.

Two weeks and 20 blog posts later, it's finally dawned on Groppi that his "logic" wasn't being bought. In fact, he has attempted to defend his illogical rant against the NIV, writing:

Of course he omitted my follow up [sic] comments about Bible versions getting so bad that the NIV is now considered a "conservative" version (sort of like George Bush is considered a conservative despite five years of liberal behavior).

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Apparently, Groppi - who posts as "RexText," certainly an appropriate userid since he makes a wreck of all forms of sound reason - thinks that the NIV doesn't really oppose homosexual behaviour, it just looks like it does, because other Bible versions are softer on sin. In other words, the proper way of determining whether the NIV properly condemns homosexuality is by ignoring what the NIV actually says about homosexuality.

This is something like saying that since Alice will have a baby in January, Betty isn't really pregnant because she isn't due until April. (Hey! Stop looking at that ultrasound!)

The fallacy here is in confusing absolute and relative properties. Absolute properties are ones like blue, round, dead, and so forth - they tell you something about their subject that can be determined independently. On the other hand, relative terms are ones like small, near, strong, and so on - there is an implied comparison with some other thing. A big dog is only big when measured against the standards that apply to dogs; a small elephant is bigger than a big dog.

The NIV condemns homosexuality describes an absolute property of the NIV. Liberal and conservative, on the other hand, are relative properties. The NIV condemns homosexuality is true regardless of whether the NIV is more conservative than other Bible versions is true or not.

But logic has never been KJV-onlyism's forte.

As an aside, Ake Green was acquitted.