October 12, 2004

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can't I paint you?

Yet another story about the sorry state of education from the Left Coast:

Before Miami artist Maria Alquilar completed a $40,000 ceramic mural recently installed outside a Livermore, Calif., library, she might have wanted to step inside to consult an encyclopedia.

Of the 175 brightly colored words in the mosaic -- a testament to literary and historic figures such as Einstein, Shakespeare and Van Gogh -- 11 were misspelled.

They said:

Indeed, the folks at the Livermore library can't quite overlook the mosaic "typos":

Einstein sans one "n"; Shakespeare minus one "a;" Van Gogh with a "u" in it; Michelangelo plus an extra "a."

"Our library director is very frustrated that she has this lovely new library and it has all these misspellings in front," Livermore City Councilwoman Lorraine Dietrich told The Associated Press.

The artiste said:

"Quite frankly, I'm really upset about this," Alquilar said. "Nobody at the library has said what a great work it is." . . .

''People that really love art, they wouldn't even have noticed it if they hadn't pointed it out,'' she said.

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So there. Don't you feel stupid, you ignorant Philistines?