April 22, 2004

Tolerance of homosexuals: A one-way street?

Check this out: A gang of homosexual activists calling themselves the "Gay Militia" crashed a fundraising meeting of the Concerned Christian Coalition in Calgary on April 17. The activists, many of whom were dressed in camouflage and wearing bandannas over their faces, disrupted the meeting by pounding drumsticks together and chanting slogans such as "Gay militia here to stay, right-wing bigots go away." The site linked above has video of the event, in both Windows Media and RealAudio formats.

Ironically, the guest speaker at the meeting was lecturing on "Christophobia" - intolerance of Christianity and Christians. To their credit, the attendees did not resist the thugs, but all but ignoring their disruption, held an impromptu prayer meeting.

There is legislation on the verge of being passed, Bill C-250, that would add "sexual orientation" to the list of identifiable groups in the hate propaganda section of the Criminal Code. This demand for "tolerance" of the deviant homosexual lifestyle isn't a two-way street.

Update: The good news is, the Calgary police have received videotape of this incident and are investigating whether charges of mischief or disturbing a peaceful assembly might apply. The "gay militia" might well be hoist upon its own petard.