October 06, 2003

Another scientific triumph from England

From the same people who proved scientifically that a duck's quack does in fact echo, comes this:

Breath test finds the perfect thickness for cheese sandwich

The right thickness of cheese to put in a sandwich has been discovered with the help of a technique to analyse aromas released as food is chewed.

The study showed that optimum thickness varied according to the cheese: 7mm for wensleydale; 5mm, cheshire; 4.5mm, caerphilly; 3mm, blue stilton; 2.8mm, cheddar; and 2.5mm for double gloucester or red leicester.

Dr Len Fisher of Bristol University, an expert on the science of everyday life, was commissioned by the British Cheese Board to study the concentration of "cheesy" aromas released when a cheese sandwich was chewed. The results are described in his report: Optimum Use of Cheese in a Cheese Sandwich.

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Can you dig it? Newton and Bacon would be proud . . .